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Resume from 13 February 2021

HR Manager in Antalya

I am looking for a job in Antalya, willing to relocate, €1,500, full time
Orme Enis Can
Orme Enis Can 22 years old, Moscow, Russia, higher education
+7 (910) 968-XX-XX

Work experience

Development Director
1 year 1 mo. Oct 2019 - Nov 2020
OOO "Gevo and Givi", Moscow
1 year 1 mo. Oct 2019 - Nov 2020
-Building team work
-Organisation and control of goods acceptance
-Control of quantity, quality and realisation time
-Control of entrance prices and work with suppliers
-Compliance with corporate standards of work with customers
-Development and approval of product display planograms
-Control over tracking the shelf life of goods
-Control over the design of showcases, counters, racks and other equipment
-Control over the maintenance of cleanliness in the sales area and warehouse
CEO Assistant
10 mo. Jul 2018 - May 2019
OOO "ENA Stroy", Yaroslavl'
10 mo. Jul 2018 - May 2019
-Keeping records of meetings at sites with contractors, customers. Planning from the evening, gathering and notifying participants. Preparation of meetings of the CEO.
-Timely information about scheduled meetings.
-Interaction with counteragents of the organisation of meetings with the general director, informing the general director about the planned matings.
-Control over the execution of orders of the general director at the facilities.
-Documentation support of the general director (verification and analysis of documents submitted for signature, preparation of certificates on the progress of objects, preparation of information at the request of the general director).

Higher education

University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham
Business Manager
2 years 9 mo. Sep 2016 - Jun 2019
CATS College, Cambridge
UFP Economics
1 year 5 mo. Jan 2015 - Jun 2016


Turkish - basic, English - advanced, Russian - fluent

Additional information

Dependable worker bringing willingness to take on more responsibilities and to achieve set deadlines. Enthusiastic team player with a strong work ethic and advance complex problem solving skills. Skilled assistant with good knowledge and understanding of the customer needs.

Resume number: 1771
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