Fodder yeast
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Fodder yeast

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Семенова Екатерина
,  Чернигов, UA
на Флагма с 6 ноября 2018


Fodder yeast is recommended for all types of feeding livestock and poultry feed as a protein supplement that contains biologically active substances of microbiological and plant origin protein , all essential amino acids, vitamins, enzymes , promote digestion and feed conversion, as well as micro-and macronutrients .
Appearance - milled powder
Mass fraction of crude protein , %, not less - 46%
Moisture content, % not more than - 12%
Toxicity - Not admitted.
Without GMO
Packaging - polypropylene bags of 25-30 kg, 500-1000 kg
We are producer of fodder yeast. We locate in Ukraine, Chernigov. We produce and supply fodder yeast in Ukraine, Europe, Turkey.
Different types of packing. Individual approach to each client, provide you with any information you need, and product samples.

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,  Чернигов, UA
на Флагма с 6 ноября 2018

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